Discussing Motion Control

Motion Control Techniques

Robotics and video blend together when filmmakers create stunning visuals with motion control systems. In Hollywood this equipment can run into the millions of dollars, but excellent results can be obtained for just a fraction of that cost by students using open source technology and a little creativity.

Students examine the motion control device with 3D printed winch.

The students in Bernadine Mellis’ Video Production course met with me in the Makerspace this November to explore improvised motion control systems. The students were excited to drive a camera using an Arduino microcontroller and a 3D-printed winch, and came up with several ideas for incorporating the technique into their work.

Demonstrating the motion control winch and camera trigger.

“Whether or not you use a system like this in your final project, you’ll be able to recognize this technique when you see it in the future,” said Mellis, Five College Lecturer in Film and Video Production.

Camera Bot